Wedding Traditions: Cake Cutting

Ever wondered why a bride and groom cut the cake? Why the bride wears a veil? If there was a reason behind having a best man, or groomsmen/bridesmaids? Everyone seems to do them, but do you know what they all really mean? I am going to start a series of multiple blog posts that help bring the answers for all traditions! Let's start with my favorite! Cutting the cake! 🙂 0784

Photo Credit: Ciprian Photography

The cake cutting is one of the most beautiful traditions, the bride and groom get prepared with a knife and plate and forks. In true tradition the cake actually started as a piece of bread, that was broken over the couple's head for good luck. The wheat in a wedding cake is used as a symbol for fertility, and the sweetness of the wedding cake was believed to bring sweetness to the couples new life together. The tradition behind the cutting of the cake is simple and sweet, the groom places his hand over his brides and it is the first thing that he helps her with as a married couple. After they have cut the cake, the bride and groom feed each other. This is to symbolize their commitment to always provide for one another.

0786 Photo credit: Ciprian Photography

Such a sweet tradition don't you think?

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