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Q: What made you go into the world of wedding planning?

A: I have enjoyed working for one of the best caterers in town (in my opinion the absolute best!) But I quickly found that even though I love serving tables and making sure that everyone is happy with the food and the service that I found myself enamored by the beautiful decor, adorable ideas and having closer relationships to our clients. I love that I am able to spend a lot of time with people to celebrate what will be the biggest day of their lives. As my best friends are starting to get married, I am enjoying spending even more quality (and productive) time together!

Q: What about weddings do you love the most?

A: I love LOVE! I love the connection that I get to make with people, some of the brides I have worked with in the past few years have become dear friends. We get together with our kids and enjoy a cup of coffee every once in a while and talk about the joys after the wedding.

But with reference to the question, my favorite thing about weddings are the traditions! Weddings have many traditions, things most people don't even know why they add them into their big day, but they do because they are simply, traditions. My favorite tradition is the cake cutting, because of the sweet tradition behind it. The bride places her hand on the knife, while her husband places his hand over hers, as they cut the cake, it is the first thing that the groom helps the bride with as a married couple. After they have cut the cake the bride and groom then feed each other a bite, this is to symbolize their commitment to always provide for each other. I just love how there are so many small traditions that keep each wedding alive with the reason of getting married, to love one another from that day forward.

Q: What is the biggest reason that someone should hire Wild and Lovely?

A: I love helping to take stress away from my clients, whether it be for a full plan or a Day of Coordination. I want to make sure that my brides and grooms are not only able to enjoy their special day, but to know that all the details we have planned together, or they have put their hearts into planning themselves. They can trust me to pull it off without a hitch. Even when not everything goes according to plan, with many years in the event world. I have some tricks up my sleeve to take care of some of the strangest circumstances (lol). I also love saving people money. My niche in the wedding world is to create gorgeous and beautiful days, but to do it with your budget in mind. I am also ALL about originality, their is something so special about making your wedding day complete with your personality. Doing weddings that are a bit different from each other is definitely right up my alley. Not every wedding should be the same, because not every couple is the same. It is so fun for me to get to know my clients and help them bring their own aspects and make them apart of the day just as much as my couples.