Unveiling the Truth

To wear a veil has become a staple piece for almost all brides getting ready to walk down the aisle. I read about most wedding traditions when I was getting married 8 years ago, honestly this was my least favorite tradition, and I actually opted out from wearing a veil because of the origination. Of course, with many things the veil has transformed into a beautiful gorgeous garment and in victorian ages it even created a status quo for the bride: the veils weight, length and fabric used actually showed how wealthy her family was. But the origination of the tradition is what got me. Back in the days where arranged marriages were heard of more often, the veil became a piece of cloth that covered the face of the bride until the bride and groom were married, this was to make sure that the couple was married before the groom lifted the veil to see what his bride looked like. If the groom didn't like what he saw afterward, they were already married so he couldn't back out. The veil is said to have a few other traditions, it is used as a sign of humility and respect before God in a religious ceremony. Also, the Romans veiled their brides in bright colors to ward off evil spirits. The belief was that the bride being vulnerable on her wedding day would be open to enchantment, being hidden behind a veil would help deter the evil spirits. Since the traditions aren't exactly held up to with the same meaning, the veil has become a beautiful accessory for brides to wear to bring together their dress and hair. A much better reason to wear one if you ask me! 🙂 14074427_10157222022735004_1855620817_o

Photo Creidt: Kurtis Ostrom Photography

Wedding Traditions: Cake Cutting

Ever wondered why a bride and groom cut the cake? Why the bride wears a veil? If there was a reason behind having a best man, or groomsmen/bridesmaids? Everyone seems to do them, but do you know what they all really mean? I am going to start a series of multiple blog posts that help bring the answers for all traditions! Let's start with my favorite! Cutting the cake! 🙂 0784

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The cake cutting is one of the most beautiful traditions, the bride and groom get prepared with a knife and plate and forks. In true tradition the cake actually started as a piece of bread, that was broken over the couple's head for good luck. The wheat in a wedding cake is used as a symbol for fertility, and the sweetness of the wedding cake was believed to bring sweetness to the couples new life together. The tradition behind the cutting of the cake is simple and sweet, the groom places his hand over his brides and it is the first thing that he helps her with as a married couple. After they have cut the cake, the bride and groom feed each other. This is to symbolize their commitment to always provide for one another.

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Such a sweet tradition don't you think?

Allison and Roman

I don't like to pick favorites, but I have a special connection to the couple listed below! Check out a little about their wedding coming up and come back later this year for detailed photos of the dress, decor and details of their day!   12899583_1064285483612755_969354100_o Roman and Allison July 9, 2016 You may notice a slight resemblance to myself and the groom. That's because this handsome fella is my adorable "little" brother! I am so excited to welcome this gorgeous lady into our family and help them in the best way that I know how, planning their wedding! They will start their lives together at one of my favorite venues, River Highlands Ranch in Smartsville, with the lush vineyards surrounding a gorgeous barn. With touches of lavender and lace and a lot of love, I can't wait to work with my favorite caterer Antonio Ayestaran Custom Catering, a wonderful up and coming photographer (and friend) Kurtis Ostrom Photography, to capture all of the special moments on video will be a long time friend and producer for Pine Street Studios, Zack Bennett and DJ Enterprises will be getting everyone on the dance floor and a beautiful and delicious cake by Cakes by Request! What a wonderful celebration it will be! I can't wait to share the details of their big day in just a few short months! The countdown is on!